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  • After the film is applied, DO NOT  roll the windows down for 3-5 days.  Let the car sit in the sun to give the adhesive a chance to fully adhere to the window

  • You can wash the inside of the windows after the 3-5 day period is over.  Try to avoid using any ammonia based cleaning products on your windows


At SC Vinyl, we use only the best care products available in order to provide a clean, professionally finished product to our customers.  When cleaning your windows, we personally recommend using Sprayway® Glass Cleaner or any type of ammonia free solution to ensure your window tint will stand the test of time.


Your window tint is guaranteed to last for the lifetime you own the vehicle.  Film professionally applied by SC Vinyl is backed by a lifetime warranty against any fading, peeling or bubbling.


What are the benefits of window tint?

Some of the many benefits of window tint include eye comfort, UV protection, heat rejection, aesthetics, as well as increased safety and privacy.

How long until I can wash the outside of my windows?

Window tint is applied on the inside of the window, so you can wash the outside of your car immediately.

I have "bubbles" in my tint after I picked up my car, what should I do?

If the bubbles are translucent, that is residual water that will dry out in a few days.  If the bubbles are white or opaque, that is an air pocket and will need to be addressed immediately.

Will the window tint affect my rear defroster?

No, it will not.  The window tint goes over the top of the rear defroster and can be used right away without affecting the tint.

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