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- What are your store hours?

             Monday – Friday 9 am to 5 pm

- Do you accept walk-ins?

             Currently we are by appointment only.

- Do you accept Credit Card payments?

            Yes, we accept Credit Cards. There is a 3% processing fee for all card transactions.


- Does the tint go on the outside of the window?

            Window tint is installed on the inside.


- How long until I can roll my windows down?

            After the film is applied to the windows do not roll down for 3-5 days. 

            Let the car sit in the sun and give the adhesive a chance to really adhere to the window.


- Can I wash my windows?

            Yes, you can wash your windows after the 3-5 day period is over.  Try to avoid using any ammonia based cleaning products on  your  windows.


- How long will my tint last?

            Your tint is guaranteed to last for the lifetime you own the vehicle.  Automotive window film professionally applied by SC Vinyl LLC.

            is backed by  a lifetime warranty against any fading, peeling, or bubbling.


- How long will it take to tint my car?

            Usually it will take us anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to tint a whole vehicle.


- Can you see the paint protection film once it’s installed?

            Paint protection film is virtually invisible to the naked eye. However, depending on what type of kit is installed, seams may be somewhat visible.


- How do I take care of my paint protection?

            Our paint protection film is relatively low maintenance. Try to wash your vehicle regularly, and avoid any direct contact from pressure washers.

            Also, try to avoid waxing over top of the film and make sure to stay 2 inches away from any seams.

            We recommend using a reputable spray wax when  protecting any surfaces wrapped in PPF.


- How long will it take to install paint protection?

            Depending on the amount of Paint Protection film you are getting installed it will take 1+ Full Business days to complete

- How long will my paint protection last?

            Our Paint Protection film is backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against any cracking, discoloration, or peeling.


- Can I take my vinyl wrapped car through a car wash?

            We recommend that you get your car washed at a hand wash station or a touch less station. 

            DO NOT go through car washes  that have direct contact with your vehicle.

- How long will it take to wrap my car?

            Depending on the size and difficulty of a car it could take anywhere from 4 days to an entire week or more for a full  color change or printed wrap.


- Will a wrap damage my paint?

            Vinyl Wrap will not damage OEM paint. If sections of the vehicle have been painted after market, there could be potential for  clear coat damage.


- How long will my wrap last?

            If properly taken care off and not neglected, your wrap should last 3+ years.  SC Vinyl offers a 1 year warranty.                            

            See warranty card for details.


- How do I take care of my wrap?

            Washing your car regularly is a good start.  We recommend that you regularly clean and seal your wrapped car with a recommended or reputable     

            product. This will ensure that the finish on the vinyl last longer.

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